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The One of a Kind Show is back.       December 2-5
** Huge thanks to everyone that requested a ticket.
My last 30 tickets were claimed by 11:20am Wednesday. **

Free Ticket Info
Important Info - Bookmark this page

Due primarily to Covid and regulated daily attendance, artists are limited to 50 free passes for customers. In order to be equitable and easy, I created a sign up form on my website. Your names will be submitted to the OOAK show and they in turn will send the tickets. Please limit your request to 2 tickets.

More passes were released! Use the link below to request one. If you place your request after 6pm Wednesday, I cannot guarantee when I will submit your info as I will be at the show but will do my best to accomodate everyone.

**Please note that while my name will appear as the sender, the actual email is noreply@mail3.microspec.com and it may go to your spam folder.

More Important Info:
  • Are vaccinations required? Yes, A proof of Covid Vaccination, or a negative Covid test within 72 hours of the show is required. More info.
  • If I get 2 tickets, does the other person need to accompany me? Yes they must accompany you. If you are not going to arrive together, request two separate tickets.
  • Can the tickets be given away if I can't make it? Due to the need to manage/monitor attendee traffic, once claimed, the tickets cannot be given away.
  • Are the tickets only good for one day? Yes