Care & Cleaning

Please treat your jewelry with care. Most designs are very durable but not indestructible. You may have received a small zip lock bag with your purchase. Use it to store pieces separately from each other. Gently push the air out of the bag. This will help reduce tarnish. If you leave a tiny bit of the clasp end of your necklace chain outside the zip bag, it will not get tangled. It really works!

Silver - Tarn-X Dip, rinse in running water and dry very well. It can be purchased from most big box stores. CLOTH: Propolish pads from Rio Grande item # 337020. Rio - 800-545-6566. You can also use thin liquid cleaners such as Tarnex. You must rinse and dry well.

Gold - Just wipe with a soft, clean cloth (not a polishing cloth). You can also dampen the cloth with a bit of alcohol. Wipe dry.

Mixed - If your jewelry has a combination of materials, you can use the Silver Dip. However, never leave the piece soaking in the solution for more than a few seconds and rinse immediately. Dry well.  Repeat if necessary.

Pearls - Always store pearls separately from metallic jewelry, preferably in a soft cloth sack. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing and wash occasionally in mild soapy water. Human skin oils can damage the surface. Never clean pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner. Vibrations can shatter pearls, especially if the nacre is thin.

Silver Cables - this recipe is good for all silver but especially good on the cable necklaces:

Plastic Container large enough for cable
A piece of aluminum foil
2 cups water (hot enough to dissolve salt)
3 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoons baking soda

Place aluminum foil flatly in bottom of a nonaluminum pan or container. Place cable on top of foil (make sure all of the cable is on foil)
Add enough water to cover cable
Add salt.
Add baking soda.
Cable should come back to its shine in about 2 minutes
Rinse, dry thoroughly

Best to do one cable at a time. Water should be changed when cooled.